Hi, my name is Anuar Serikov and I'm a fresh graduate student of the Nazarbayev University (Astana, Kazakhstan) with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

I currently live in London, UK and work as a Software Engineer at Google.

Prior to that, I've spent 6 months as a developer at HORA, which is a fintech startup, based in Gurgaon, India (was mostly working remotely). Did some research in Android Security area and then worked on a mobile app.

Before that, I was working as a Mobile App Developer (iOS & Android) in a local startup - DOQ.kz. It tries to help people find good doctors and book appointments online. Check it out - DOQ.kz!

During my Senior year at University, I was working as an Android Developer in another startup, which tried to become UBER for cargo transportation.

Also, I've managed to become a co-founder of a coding school named "Codecamp" where I ended up teaching Android class. We've been doing it for 6 months and then decided to stop since it required more time than we could find. My main job required more attention and I still had to finish the university! It was a great experience since I love both - teaching and Android, and also since it gave me a real-life practice on how to 'run a business'.

I've spent my last summer break in United States, being a Software Engineering Intern at Google's HQ (Mountain View, CA). Was lucky to be a part of the Google Play team, where we worked on analyzing Android Apps. Specifically, my job was to experiment with different ways to compare apps and clusters of apps, find good metrics for that and analyze the algorithm's performance. Eventually, the whole thing was wrapped into a backend library, that hopefully is still alive (an engineer approached me after my final presentation, saying that he'll be interested in continuing my work), yay! So Google is awesome! It was interesting, challenging and maybe even life-changing :)

On my Sophomore and Junior years, I've been involved in two other 'start-ups', where we tried to implement local UBER clones, with some minor differences. It was before the real UBER was able to enter into our country's market.

Travelling back in time, the roots of my professional journey lay down somewhere around 2009, when I was studying in high school. I've been participating to various olympiads in informatics, even managed to win some medals. Firstly individual, then in teams. Later on, got myself into 4 seasons of International Collegiate Programming Competition, ran by Association of Computing Machinery. But couldn't make it further than semi-finals.

So that was a brief introduction to myself. If you want to contact me, just check out links in the bottom of this page.