The Great MMA App.

I love Mixed Martial Arts and I'm a software developer. What will happen if I combine those two facts? Yes, you're right - an app.

TL;DR: Just check out the thing in Google Play: here.

I've been looking for a nice Android app for MMA fans (like myself), but did not find any. So I've played around and created one by myself. Nothing super special, just a gift from MMA lover for MMA lovers.
It currently has some basic functionality:

Some screenshots (clickable):

The app is not perfect, yet. But hopefully it will be. The development is done by me when I have free time, thus it's not super rapid.

If you have any questions or want to comment - please, do so! There are many ways to contact me (see the bottom of this page). I'd love to hear any suggestions on design/content/ui-ux/etc.

And once again, the link is